Christian WriterAre you a Christian author who’s heart is to grow your platform and reach more people with your writing – but you just don’t know how? These quick and easy tips should be helpful to you!

You may have a manuscript that’s ready to send to your editor, or you may be starting at ground zero, looking at a blank computer screen and thinking – HELP!

Writing isn’t complicated. But growing your platform so that you’ll get published CAN be.

Here are the tips and strategies that I use with my clients to help them market and promote their brands, to increase the likelihood that a publisher will be attracted to them.

1. Consistency is Key

You can’t post on Facebook sporadically, or send out an email blast every 6 months and expect your platform to grow steadily. You must have a strategy of consistent content production. We like to produce a printable calendar for our clients to create schedules so that they know they’re focusing on the right areas at the right time.

2. You MUST Have Your Own Website

Do you know who owns Facebook? Mark Zuckerburg. And what happens if – for some reason – your 5,000 followers on your Facebook page get shut down? You’ll be lost! You need to have your very own place on the world wide web – a place that you OWN, that can’t be taken away from you. There are lots of easy DIY website builders available to help you get set up!

3. Write for your AUDIENCE – not for yourself!

A huge problem that I see with Christian authors is that they write for themselves, and not for their audience. You need to be aware of what your audience is struggling with. They want to change their lives – not hear about all of the problems in yours! Create a survey to share with your audience to ask them what they want to learn from you. I think you’ll be surprised at all of the new writing topics that they help you come up with!

4. Showcase Your Own Personality Online

Knowing the customers you want to repel is as important as knowing those you want to attract. And guess what? You won’t attract everyone. So don’t be afraid to showcase that fabulous personality of yours; you do you, boo!

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5. Try an awesome program to help you do it!

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Much love y’all!