I promise that this is not going to turn into a mom blog, but… I am a mom.


We can’t escape that fact, can we?

Here are my Top 6 Working Mom Hacks!

1. Amazon Prime

Why yes. The angels are singing… and I love me some Amazon Prime.

Why do I love Amazon Prime so much?

I don’t know. Perhaps it’s the free 2-day shipping. Perhaps when I have that spur of the moment thought… “Maybe we should have lice shampoo in the house just in case the MOST AWFUL THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD HAPPENS,” I will be prepared. I’ll just whip out my phone and order on…

…the Amazon app.

Oh, the Amazon app. I spend a lot of time on the Amazon app. Just browsing. Daydreaming and what-have-you.

All of my Christmas presents?

Purchased on Amazon Prime.

I mean… not yet. But they will be. I’m not that on the ball.

2. Amazon DASH Buttons

While we are still on the topic of Amazon Prime… have you met the DASH button yet?

I’m going to let this YouTube video explain it to you:

No more words needed than that.

My favorites are the Bounty Dash Button and the Charmin Dash Button.

3. Delegation and Support

Now this one is a little more serious. I’ve learned (and subscribe to) the motto of “Delegate or Die.” I try to delegate everything. Housekeeping. Grocery shopping. Yard work. Laundry. Basically, everything that I don’t have to do… I try to pay someone else to do it. When you see really put together people on the internet and think that they have it all together… they either have a TEAM of people helping them (delegation!), or they’ve shoved all of their junk to the side to take a very clean photograph.

I also want to note that childcare is a huge part of this equation. Support is key. I am a better wife and mother when my kids go to nursery than when I have them home with me all day and I’m trying to work and mother at the same time. When I separate the two, I am more present with my children, I can shut work off, and be totally engaged with them after-hours. It’s been a lifesaver for me.

4. Personal Time

Another crucial element is personal time and self care. It’s so important that I literally wrote a book about it! Whatever fills your tank, do it. And if you need ideas, read my book. Just a suggestion 😉

5. Prioritizing Your Marriage

It’s so easy to let the romance fade when you’re a working mom, trying to juggle everything all at once. But… do you remember those early days with your spouse? The romance and the laughter and the lightness of your relationship?

Try to rekindle that flame.

We are 8 1/2 years into marriage… and I’m telling you, it takes work.

Focused work. And LOTS of calendar synchronization. But it’s worth it. Prioritize your man… even over your kids.

Systems… for everything.

Laundry systems. Grocery systems (hell-O online grocery shopping!) Online bill pay. AUTOMATE EVERYTHING.

Systems make the world go ’round, and systems will make your household go ’round.

Perhaps you need to train your kids to put their laundry in the hamper as soon as they take it off. Or maybe, you train your brain to fill the dog food bowl right after you pour your coffee. Get dressed in PJs and take your makeup off when your kids are getting ready for bed, just so it’s one less step for you whenever it’s your turn to turn in.

Shhhh… my kids even eat SCHOOL LUNCH! It’s a great system that works for our family!

I’d love to hear what your best Working Mom Hacks are… leave me a comment below!